Groomsmen Flask Gifts by SWIG Hip Flasks

Groomsmen gifts are some of the trickiest to get right and you only get one shot at it. You’ve got to find something to suit very different people, so something themed, but not identical, because everyone has to feel like you’ve put particular thought into their present. Plus, it’s got to be expensive enough to make your guys feel spoiled, but not so pricey as to put further pressure on a stretched budget. Luckily, my SWIGs are the perfect groomsmen flask gifts.
My SWIGs are truly well-made objects, meaning every recipient will feel happily spoiled by your kind gift. Every part of the present has had a lot of thought put into it, from the bow enveloping the box to the silk cushion enthroning the flask. I make sure my Wedding Groups all have sequential SWIG numbers so your wedding has its own special place in the SWIG list. And the cherry on the cake is always the engraving – this is where you can make the gift unique to the recipient. My most memorable groomsmen engraving so far? “Annoyed I couldn’t get my first choice best man but you’ll do”!