High Quality Flasks by SWIG Hip Flasks

High quality flasks are our speciality. In fact making high quality hip flasks is the only reason we have business. So rest assured, you are in the right hands.

SWIG was born at of the need for better, more beautiful, higher quality hip flask. Three years ago I went out on a journey to design and manufacture such flask. After many learning’s and customer feedback I have produced SWIG flaks. A product range that never disappoints. The idea is that there is only one flask but multiple skins which are interchangeable. So you can dress up your swig in different colours of leather and Harris Tweed to suit your mood or a particular occasion.

Apart the looks SWIG flask is of highest functional quality. The flasks are made out of single blow to stainless steel. This means that they will never leak or go rusty. In fact I am so sure about the quality that I give lifetime guarantee on each of my products. My SWIG’s are designed to last generations.