Hip Flask Brown by SWIG Flasks

My SWIG Hip Flasks are designed to be the most versatile on the market. I knew I wanted people to have the choice as to whether they made their hip flask brown or pink or tartan. So I designed my standard Naked Flask to be the best it could be, and then designed detachable pouches to clothe the flask and give the power of choice to the owners. You can see the full range of pouches right here.
One of the first I designed was the Brown Executive, my take on the brown leather hip flask. Previous examples Iā€™d seen always disappointed me, with poor quality leather and stitching. It was little more than a smearing of leather to make the hip flask brown, but I want the pouch to be as much the centre of attention as the gleaming flask top. The Brown Executive is certainly luxurious and I carried that attitude on to my Scottish Heritage. This uses gorgeous thick bridle leather to make a pleasingly hefty pouch and the best brown leather flask on the market, in my honest opinion.