Hip Flask For Father

What are the best memories of your father? What would you associate with him? I always think of my father when drinking Jamesons, not because he introduced me to the drink with paternal wisdom, but because he once spilt an entire bottle on Mum’s favourite table cloth when I was about 8, and I had to mop it up. Now he can’t ever have a dram without being teased.
And of course, it’s often our father’s cabinet we raid for booze as skint teenagers, so it’s about time we paid something back, now we have our own salaries and everything. A hip flask for your father is the perfect way to say thanks for all the dadly services he’s given you, and he’ll love his SWIG so much he’ll feel the need to buy more great scotch to fill it with – so you’ll be able to sneak a nip every now and again. Everybody wins!