Hip Flask In Manchester

If you’re looking for a hip flask in Manchester to give as a present to someone special, you’re in the right place. I can get you one of my flasks engraved and delivered next day, faster than anyone else. Rest assured that my flasks are the best on the market, no other company is dedicated to perfecting the flask and nothing else.
You can read more about what makes a SWIG flask here, and one of the biggest features unique to Swig is our use of Pouches. I’ve designed detachable pouches for the flasks which slide on and off very easily, so you can change the style of your flask as you please. It means that you can get a tweed, orange or black flask, all in one. As my SWIGs have lifetime guarantees you’ll never need to buy another one again.
If you want to make your SWIG a personal gift, I really recommend getting our Gift Set as it offers free engraving for you to personalise your flask how you’d like. We can do monograms, pictures, poetry, anything. Just get in touch with us if you have any questions, we like a challenge!