Hip Flask In Nottingham

I started SWIG Flasks from my bedroom because I was fed up with the poor quality of hip flasks. Instead of a pleasant drinking experience, the cheap tat would leak, make the alcohol taste of metal, there’d be dodgy looking crumbly bits floating around. So I decided to make the best flask I could, and with my next day delivery service with engraving I was also determined to make it the best flask in Nottingham. It’s certainly the quickest delivery.
The three most important aspects of a flask are its structural integrity, ability to store alcohol, and its looks. My flask does all three things. It’s a unibody design, made from one piece of metal so it has no seams or flaws to crack along. The mirrored stainless steel is hygienic and non-reactive, so it doesn’t taint the alcohol with a metallic taste, nor does it absorb any alcohol and thus imbue the next filler with its predecessor’s taste. Finally, the whole flask is made by quality craftsmen and it feels expensive to the touch as well as to the eye. This is a flask you’ll be proud to take out of your pocket and show your friends.