Hip Flask In York

If you’re looking for a hip flask in York to give as a gift for a special occasion, you’re in the right place. My flasks are the best in class because only SWIG is dedicated to producing gorgeous hip flasks and nothing else. We’re the experts and frankly I’m not a little bit obsessed with them. A great gift has to last and my flasks come with lifelong guarantees because I’m so confident in my design. Most other flasks are made from two pieces of metal welded together, but that creates flaws and produces leaks very easily. My flask is made from one piece of moulded metal so it’s perfectly watertight.
What’s more, I chose to make my flasks from quality stainless steel, not cheaper pewter, because the better metal is non-reactive, making it hygienic and better at keep the alcohol pristine. No rusting or dodgy metal flakes floating in your liquor with my SWIGs.
Finally, I wanted a hip flask which gave joy to the beholder. There is nothing more satisfying than holding something well made in your hands and I hope you get that feeling with SWIG flasks. I take great care over my engraving too, because it’s how my customers make their flasks unique and special to only them.