Hip Flask N1

SWIG was started in London and it will always be its spiritual home. Though I moved back home to Belfast, my team stayed in the city near N1 with the flasks. I think my SWIGs really suit London, the Executive in particular, and they’re perfect for sipping great scotch by the banks of the Thames, or post dinner in a long Uber ride through the night.
Because SWIG is the only company which concentrates just on hip flasks, we can use our collective experience to produce the best flask we can. We’ve chosen every aspect carefully, from the materials we use to the suppliers we trust. Just as London is a global city, so I want SWIG to be the result of global craftsmanship, and I have experienced artisans from Spain to Scotland working on my flasks and pouches. If you’re buying a SWIG as a gift, check out my Gift Sets for extra touches like engraving and my SWIG Funnel.