Hip Flask SW1

Looking for a gift for a Londoner? You’re in the right place. SWIG represents the best of London, British heritage combined with global talent. I use traditional British materials like Harris Tweed and Scottish Leather to clothe my SWIGs, and my team come from the four corners of the world, all united by a love of quality craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a decent, well-made hip flask, SWIG’s your new present.
We’re set up to create the best gifting experience that we can, from SW1 to Inverness, we can do next day delivery for those last minute decisions. The SWIG comes in exquisite packaging with bow ties and silk cushions and our gift sets have free engraving included, as well as a SWIG Funnel, to give everything you need in a hip flask. Our flasks are also the only flasks to have detachable pouches, which means that you don’t have to decide between a leather or metal flask, you can have both for the price of one. Find your favourite here.