Hip Flask W1

I got the inspiration for my SWIGs in London, and they’ll forever carry that spirit with them. It’s a city which welcomed me, a new-comer from Belfast, with open arms and gave me my entrepreneurial start. The capital has a real taste of quality spirits so it only seemed natural that they’d love a quality flask to go with them, from W1 to E10.
Because I’m dedicated to making only hip flasks, I’ve built up a lot of expertise and created what I think is the best flask out there. I use only quality materials in designs I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting, so you can be assured my flasks look great, are watertight, sturdy and feel premium. I want every giftee to feel absolutely spoiled by their SWIG, so with my gift sets I have free engraving as it’s your words on the metal which add the personal touch and make it a truly special gift.