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Personalised hip flasks

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I started SWIG Flasks to be the best in class. I love quality spirits and I believe hip flasks should finally be worthy of their contents. So I decided I would be the one to bring hip flasks into the 21st century. Too many flasks lie unused in man-drawers around the world, in large part because of the materials that make them up. Pewter, silver, tin, none of these do the job, only stainless steel would do for my SWIGs. It’s hygienic, good quality, non-reactive – the perfect material for carrying great drinks.
But no one chooses an accessory for its hygiene alone, I knew I needed to design a modern flask with plenty of style, which has that magic weighty feel of quality in your hand. My curved unibody design would provide the structural integrity so often lacking in the welded, flawed flasks elsewhere, meaning that the flask could withstand any amount of rough handling and jolting, while still remaining watertight. And, I designed a collection of detachable pouches to give my customers the choice of the final design of their flask, you can see the full ranges here.

What makes our hip flasks so special?

The beautiful design and amazing quality of our exclusive SWIGs help set them apart from other flasks. Our patrons describe our hip flasks as awesome, and we would be inclined to agree. Our sleeves are interchangeable so you can get them in several colours of Harris tweed and leather.

Our hip flasks can also be personalised and gift wrapped. We use the latest diamond-based technology to engrave our flasks to ensure the highest quality.

hip flasks hip flasks

SWIG Society members showing off their hip flasks

We have a vast international community of sophisticated drinkers. Check our fan’s submissions on Instagram

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