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Personalised hipflask

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SWIG is Hipflask Central, welcome! Here is the only website completely dedicated to the best hipflask for the modern world, we’re obsessed with them. And what have we done that make our flasks unique? There are several features SWIG has which set the high standard. Number One is our use of mirrored stainless steel, the best material for producing a high quality vessel which looks amazing on the outside, and which stays hygienic on the inside.
We’ve also design the sturdiest of flasks for its classics looks. Our flask is watertight thanks to the unibody design, it’s made from one piece of metal which means it’s utterly flawless, no leaks here! And most importantly, our flasks have character, you can change the style of the flask to match your own with our pouch collection here, something no other flask can do. Each flask is marked with its unique SWIG number, which makes your flask specific to just you, no other person has the same flask you do. And if you’re looking to gift a SWIG to someone special, take advantage of our free engraving with every gift set.

What makes our hipflask so special?

The beautiful design and amazing quality of our exclusive SWIGs help set them apart from other flasks. Our patrons describe our hipflask as awesome, and we would be inclined to agree. Our sleeves are interchangeable so you can get them in several colours of Harris tweed and leather.

Our hipflask can also be personalised and gift wrapped. We use the latest diamond-based technology to engrave our flasks to ensure the highest quality.

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SWIG Society members showing off their hipflask

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