Hunting Flask By SWIG Hip Flasks

My SWIG Flasks are perfect for riding out to the hounds because I follow the equestrian model of flask. The curved flat hunting hip flask takes over from the cylindrical flask favoured by golfers because it sits in a rider’s thigh and jacket pockets much more comfortably. I chose stainless steel for my flasks because it is hygienic and no-reactive, meaning the pre-hunt port will stay just as tasty as in its decanter.
The metal is moulded into one hollow piece, I do not use welding to squash two pieces of metal together like other flasks because I found this to be too flawed and breakable. When you’re riding amid the rough and tumble of horses, you need a flask to be robust, and rest assured mine are. They’ll survive a fall easily.
You’ll notice that the screw top comes loose from the flask, unlike other examples which have a metal tether to keep the lid attached. I deliberately chose not to do this as I felt those type of lids felt cheap and flimsy. However, even though I offer free cap replacements to Society members, I’ve had barely anyone report a lost lid because it’s heavier than it looks, so easier to keep a hold of. I’m confident you won’t lose the lid, even out in the field.