Ladies Hip Flask? Our SWIGs are Unisex and Awesome

SWIG Harris Tweed Collection

At SWIG, we feel it’s about time that the ladies join in on the fun.  We’re here to shatter the belief that there isn't demand for a ladies hip flask, and we've done it by setting a new benchmark in flask design and aesthetic.  Gone are the days of bedazzled tacky flasks for women.  At SWIG, we pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality, elegant flasks for all - regardless of gender.

Actually, female whisky drinkers are on the rise, making up about a third1 of all those who drink whisky.  So if you or a female in your life feel alone in the whisky world: don’t.  Congratulations to you for being bold, not basic.  Let the others have their strawberry daiquiris and vodka sodas.  A strong whisky-drinking woman deserves the best in all respects, and we here at SWIG are ready and willing to provide just that with our ladies hip flasks.

So go on.  Treat yourself - grab yourself a hip flask, have a SWIG and give yourself a pat on the back.