Large Flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

SWIG Flasks are made for using, and no one buys a hip flask for two teaspoons of capacity. They want to sip from it like a lost man in the desert. To that end, my SWIGs are 170ml, or six fluid ounces, up to twice what the average hip flask can take. The stainless steel unibody means the flask will still only weigh 150 grams - a comforting weight in your jacket pocket but not so heavy you’ll feel like you’re lugging half a whisky cask around.
The size is important because most big hip flasks have to be welded from two metal parts, but my large flask is the biggest in the world to be made from one piece of steel. This means it will not crack along a seam or leak, or need a leather cover to hide the ugly welding. It’s one gorgeous smooth piece, the perfect blank canvas for customisation with engraving and my SWIG pouches.