Large Flasks by SWIG Hip Flasks

My flask is large enough to keep enough golden liquid to make you feel very happy. If you are a small person then you will be more than happy.

I have worked for a long while to design a hip flask that is not only beautiful but also best quality. I have gone to the trouble of buying other large flasks to see if the experience is good. It was not. Our flask holds 170 mm (6oz) of your little drops of heaven. But the size is not the only advantage. Each flask can be engraved and registered to SWIG SOCIETY, which I have specifically opened for my customers. We meet up regularly to have wee swig from the flask. I also give out tickets to distilleries and food and drink events such as Taste of London.

I have also designed many SWIG skins which go on the flask, this means you can dress up your SWIG depending on the occasion.