Leather Engraved Flasks

Hip flasks have been around for centuries, and metal containers for liquids have been around ever since Cave Man Ogg accidentally knocked his favourite shiny rock into the campfire and invented smelting. Now, my modern day SWIG Flasks are mirrored stainless steel, the pinnacle of metallurgy. Yet most hip flasks are leather bound, allowing different colours and styles more flexibly than metal.
But there’s a problem with these leather flasks. Leather’s impossible to engrave. Well, every other leather flask is, but not mine. That’s because my flasks are the only flasks to have detachable pouches, which means you can have the leather look on your flask, with the engraving on the metal underneath. Every time you want to be reminded of the secret message on the flask, you simply slide off the pouch. With SWIG, you can finally have a leather engraved flask. Ogg would be well jealous.