Leicester Tigers Flask

If you’re looking for a present for a Leicester Tigers fan, look no further. A hip flask is the perfect gift for a rugby fan for a special occasion – it comes in very handy during half time – and my engraving service means you can personalise the flask however you want. Fancy a flaming big Tiger on the flask? No problem? Want the ABC Club on there? Just tell me the font. I want to make your Leicester Tigers Flask exactly how you want it.
You should also check out my Pouch Collection because SWIG is the only hip flask which has detachable pouches, just like phone covers. You’re no longer restricted to owning just one type of flask, you can mix it up however you choose. Plus it’s really handy if you’re searching for a present next year too, you can get a new pouch for the SWIG without having to fork out for a whole new flask.