Liquor Flask By SWIG Hip Flasks

I make hip flasks for hard spirits. I’ve designed every aspect specifically to make sure your liquor tastes as good on the move as it does by the family fireside. But my SWIGS are no Bovril-carrying thermos flasks for bleary commutes, these babies are built for the world: there’s a sturdy exterior to protect against alpine air, pick axes and polar bear teeth, the unibody is set with a handsome jawline reminiscent of a young Harrison Ford, and the inert stainless steel will keep the liquor inside as pristine as glacier melt.
The last point is the most important. If you’re an aficionado, you need to choose a liquor flask which can be easily cleaned and allow you to have a succession of excellent spirits without one tainting the other. Too many flasks become imbued with the previous alcohol and limit your enjoyment, so I highly recommend getting a SWIG because it’ll be the last flask you ever buy. Unless a polar bear steals it.