Manchester United Flask

Guess who is a Man U supporter? David of SWIG, for sure! As a Belfast boy, we are taught from a young age that Man Utd is the only way. So let me help you get a great quality Manchester United flask.

First- I advise you to avoid all the cheap tat out there! If you are going to Old Trafford, you’re going to want something that won’t look too obvious. It needs to be stylish to fit in with your outfit (so it doesn’t arouse too much suspicion!). Fortunately, the SWIG flask is all of this! Most importantly, it has a seamless body so it won’t risk leaking all over your coat! (Unlike the cheap stuff).

To get your SWIG Manchester United branded, is easy! Just request “Man Utd engraving”in the engraving box. We will then engrave the club crest, or whatever you like on there. It would look amazing.

The flask holds around 170ml, which should be enough to get you through the next derby. What better of a chalice to drink out of? (OK.. well drinking out of the champions league cup would be nice!).

Manchester United flask, all for 1/20th of a season ticket. Enjoy!