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Personalised mens flask

Personalised mens flask

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Mens Flask

Most of our flasks have been designed for men. This does not mean only men should use it but it does mean that we had men in mind when designing them.

Back in 2013 I was super tired of the substandard flasks for men that you could find online and in retail stores. This is why I decided to set up SWIG. The whole goal of the company was to make the best hip flask in the world that was perfect for men.

It took a while but I got there. My flask has been voted the best hip flask in most of the Internet and print guides. It was not achieved without sweat and blood but it was worth it. Why was it worth it? Simply because I wake up each morning to customer reviews such as this one:

“I ordered a SWIG ‘Naked’ Flask Gift Set for my boyfriend for Christmas. I had designed a custom engraving for it as well. Unfortunately for me, I was a little late in placing my order. However, the team at SWIG really hooked me up. Not only was my custom design not a problem, but they rushed my order to have it engraved and shipped out that same d
ay. So it arrived a few days before Christmas! My boyfriend was beyond happy with his gift, the engraving came out perfectly and the flask itself is pretty slick. Definitely a classy gift for anyone who enjoys drinking their spirits in style. Thank you so much, I will definitely be back!”

Jessica K from the UK

What makes our mens flask so special?

The beautiful design and amazing quality of our exclusive SWIGs help set them apart from other flasks. Our patrons describe our mens flask as awesome, and we would be inclined to agree. Our sleeves are interchangeable so you can get them in several colours of Harris tweed and leather.

Our mens flask can also be personalised and gift wrapped. We use the latest diamond-based technology to engrave our flasks to ensure the highest quality.

mens flask mens flask

SWIG Society members showing off their mens flask

We have a vast international community of sophisticated drinkers. Check our fan’s submissions on Instagram

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