Metal Flasks by SWIG Hip Flasks

SWIG Flasks are made from a unibody of mirrored stainless steel, the best material for modern hip flasks. The metal looks expensive yes, but that’s just the cherry on the cake. The best part is the inert quality of the stainless steel: this means that the metal doesn’t react with the alcohol inside and give it that awful tinny taste that other metal flasks can give. This also means that you can interchange the contents of the flask without one single malt whisky leaving residue in the flask and contaminating the dry gin you put in next.

So what could be more popular than a metal flask? A leather one! And yet I didn’t want my flasks to only be one type, to be restrictive that way, so I devised a way to let you have both a metal and a leather flask for the same money. I created detachable pouches which easily slide on and off in different colours and materials, allowing you to mix up your flask style without buying half a dozen flasks to do it.