Modern Hip Flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

Modernisation of the premium spirits is a global megatrend as technology seeps into tradition and rips apart staid thinking. New scientific discoveries are transforming the industry, and I believe that the hip flasks that carry those discoveries should be as modern and innovative as they can. Most hip flasks tend to an outdated design, they’re what you might expect a hip flask to be and look like, but in this case, old is definitely not best.
My flasks break the mould, literally. We use modern manufacturing methods to engineer a unibody flask, something not possible in the past. Gone is the standard clip cap, replaced by my screw top and eliminating the weak joint needed by the clip. A modern hip flask doesn’t need to look like its predecessors either, my flasks are the first to have detachable pouches. Right now I have leather and Harris Tweed collections, but I have many more in the pipeline, fusty thin brown leather offcuts will be replaced by modern fashion and sustainable materials. I don’t want to simply create a new fashion fad, I want to create a new classic. I hope future generations will love my flasks just as much as ours does.