Monogrammed Flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

It’s really important to monogram your flask because otherwise in the year 3564 when space archaeologists gently uncover your grave and withdraw the contents like Howard Carter and King Tut, they will have no other way of finding out your initials than on the perfectly preserved SWIG monogrammed flask nestled in your coffin.
Or, if you’re planning on cremation and eco-friendly burial methods and have no intention of having nosy aliens poke around your remains, initialling your flask is an important territorial marker for it. Everyone will be so jealous of your flask they will be forever “just borrowing it a sec” so it’s important they can’t take a glug from the flask without being reminded of its rightful owner and feel the stab of guilt for half-inching your property. In fact, initial everything you own, including your house and car, just in case.