Pink Flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

Have you been searching long and hard for a pink flask? Well, SWIG hip flasks have got you covered. We have designed the ‘Executive Pink’ SWIG! It’s one of my favourite designs across our entire range of hip flasks. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how universally it was liked by our SWIG Society members.

Our SWIG executive pouch is hand moulded in Spain using the best Veg Tan leather, which can slide on and off on our amazing seamless SWIG hip flask.

Do check out our other colours and ranges of hip flasks. Feel free to google for other pink flasks too! I designed this one because it is VERY difficult to get a pink flask that isn’t cheap and tacky. Which I know to be a problem for the ladies in particular. Fortunately, I can say with good authority that ours will stand the test of time and will turn heads to whatever occasion you go. Enjoy!