Pink Flasks by SWIG Hip Flasks

I started SWIG to create the best hip flask I could, and as I knew a huge part of that would be shaking up the perception of what a hip flask should look like, I created the Pink Executive. It’s a really striking, deep pink, completely at odds with the traditional perception of the hip flask style, i.e. leather, brown, serious. Pink flasks to me epitomise the 21st century view of the spirits industry, which is a wonderful proliferation of innovative drinks, fresh audiences and fun.
What’s more, the Pink Pouch is detachable from the flask, revealing the rest of the mirrored stainless steel unibody. If you so choose, one day you can be pink and modern, the next you can be silvery and classic, or you can add to your pouch collection and mix it up even more. The best part? You will only ever need to buy one flask, as my SWIGs fit every pouch and come with a lifetime guarantee.