Plastic Flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

Right, you have landed here because you are looking for a plastic flask. Look no further because I have some stuff tell you about plastic flasks that you may not have heard before from anyone else. I am sorry that you have to learn about it this way. But here is the truth. Plastic flasks are crap. Here we go I said it. You don’t really want to buy one. They look terrible. I would be ashamed to take one out if there were other people around.

If I am honest I am not even saying that you should get one of my flasks instead. Do as you please, but please do not buy a plastic flask. That’s like using wood instead of glass when making windows. It does the job but it doesn’t really make you feel that having wooden windows is the thing to do. So if I had any last words they would be: do not buy a plastic flask. Just don’t. No.