Pretty Flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

Many customers often tell me “David your flasks are pretty”. Each time that happens I get very flattered. I work very hard to make the best flask there is on the market. I have customers in 26 different countries and it is not that easy to please all of you as you all have different preferences. This is why I have designed the SWIG skins. They come in many different colours and are made from few different materials, mainly leather and Harris Tweed.

The colour range is vast, just to give you a quick idea how vast here are some of the colours we do in leather alone: blue, pink, brown, black, orange, union jack and more. Given the wide range of interchangeable skins you can dress up your SWIG to make it as pretty as you want. Yes, yes before you ask, all our flasks can be personalized with a lovely engraving. We do next day delivery too so late presents are no longer an issue.