Quality Flasks by SWIG Hip Flasks

Buy Once Buy Well is my motto. I started SWIG to produce the best hip flask I could, because two years ago I could only find cheap knock offs or over-priced branded flasks. These tin and pewter flasks would dent easily, taint the alcohol with an unpleasant metal taste and had the aurora of mass produced carelessness about them. So I decided to create a hip flask worthy of the name. My flasks won’t crack, the drink inside will be as untainted as the driven snow, and even more importantly, they look and feel premium. This is a gift for spoiling someone rotten.
The key to quality flasks all lies in their design. Mine are unibody, making them strong and stylish. I only use mirrored stainless steel which gives the expensive look and a satisfyingly weighty feel, but doesn’t compromise on practicality or hygiene. And the cherry on the cake? Free engraving with every gift set.