Rowing Flask perfect for outdoor adventures

A SWIG is made to be used, it’s made to be taken outdoors and have fun. One of the nicest occasions to use a SWIG at is any rowing race in the country. Fill it with gin or Pimms, to enjoy by Britain’s waterways as someone else does some really hard work on the end of a wooden stick. The SWIG itself is made from one piece of stainless steel metal which curves to the body, ideal for stowing (nautical term) in a jacket pocket.
As every rowing flask should be, my flask is watertight, nothing’s getting in or out unless you want it to. The stainless steel keeps everything hygienic, which sets SWIG apart from other flasks – they’re usually pewter or something similar, which can flake inside the flask or contaminate the alcohol with an unpleasant metal taste. The capacity is 170lml, about four or five shots, so ideal for smuggling quality gin into public events and avoid their outrageous Pimms prices.