Shipping your SWIG Hip Flask Worldwide

Shipping is super simple, I want to get it to you as soon as possible, so you can start using it! Here's the breakdown:

UK & Isle of Man

  • £FREE Standard Shipping (5 working days) 
    • £10 Urgent Delivery. Order by the time displayed on the page and we will deliver by the state time (generally next day). You can confirm this with David on Live Chat if needed.

    Sometimes packages do go astray or get delayed so please get in touch with me if your flask hasn't arrived, or if you need it by a specific time (e.g. for someone's leaving party or birthday) and I will do my very best to make sure you get your flask.

    EU/ Rest of the World

    • £FREE Standard Shipping
      • Arrives engraved within 2 weeks.
    • £15 Urgent Delivery
      • It's a great idea to message David on the LiveChat to confirm!

    Unfortunately we can't be held accountable for any customs charges.

    UK Collection

    On Request. Flasks can be collected super quickly on the same day if needed, though e-mail to confirm collection time (anytime Mon-Fri between 10am and 3pm).