Silver Flask created by David of SWIG

My SWIGs are made from mirrored stainless steel, giving them a luxury silvery exterior while keeping all the glorious abilities of stainless steel to store the liquor within untainted and pristine. As a whisky lover, it was important to me that my flask design enhanced, not destroyed, the delicate flavours and balance of aged spirits, so I tried many different materials to test their reactivity with alcohol, and the stainless steel won hands down.
Aesthetics was also very important to me because I wanted a flask which could grace a Laird’s heirloom cabinet as comfortably as it would a London rave, and appeal to everyone, from bridegrooms to rugby coaches to fashionistas. At first I thought a silver flask could achieve the look that I wanted: timeless, both modern and classic. But as silver was too reactive for the alcohol, I looked for the silver-like qualities of the mirrored stainless steel instead. Once I saw the patina in production, I knew I’d achieved just that.