Small Flask created by David of SWIG

My flask is small enough to fit into any pocket in your jeans, jacket or a handbag. Our flasks are designed to look impressive when used in public. The design specifically has taken to account fitting into a pocket. The corners of the flasks are rounded to make sure that they don’t stick out of your pocket. The rounded corners also mean that it is very easy to hide in your handbag. The flask is small, but it is still holds 170 mm of golden liquid (6oz). That’s enough to have good time whatever you are doing wherever you are.

My flask can be engraved in many different ways. We do not have character limit for engraving. So do take an advantage of this. Each flasks comes gift raped in the most amazing custom SWIG packaging. Our flask never disappoints. Do give me a shout if you have any questions. I take all forms of communication phone, email, Facebook, Twitter or the chat at the bottom of this page in the right corner.