Stainless flask by SWIG Hip Flasks

Let me introduce the famous ‘SWIG Flask’. Why is it so good? Because it’s a special version of grade 304 stainless steel that is mirrored and polished! This is why you can see your reflection on the steel. It looks amazing.

As if that isn’t enough...I've made it seamless too! This is pretty rare for a stainless flask and was a no brainer when designing my SWIG flasks. I’ve had my SWIG for 3 years in my rucksack- taking it on many adventures and let me tell you… Due to the seamless design, this stainless flask hasn’t leaked once!

PS- I’ve collected flasks since for years now, and stainless steel is the only way to go. Pewter felt dirty and I’ve heard really scary things about it’s safety! I’d never let it touch my single malt!