SWIG Hip Flask Gift Sets - Perfect for golfers

Perfect Your Golf SWIG.

Need a gift for a friend who loves Golf? Something with quality and personalisation? A cut above the rest? We have just the right thing to you! Your friend will feel extra appreciated when he gets one of our leak-free polished stainless-steel hip flasks! Hit the 19th hole with a SWIG.

Our gift sets are just the right thing for you.

You can't go wrong with our SWIG hip flasks. With contemporary lines, giving it a sexy silhouette and a posh look, and yet still being an ancient and classic accessory for the real gentlemen, this is the killer gift that will make all your groomsmen filled with happiness. 

What makes our flasks so special?

Our hip flasks are made from mirrored and polished stainless steel - certified lead free - ensuring that the quality of your premium whisky is not affected by the flask. What's more, our flasks are a cut above the rest - you really get what you pay for: a marriage of quality materials, durable design, timeless aesthetic and superb customer service. Any queries or problems feel free to contact David at: david@swigflasks.com 



 "Thanks so much for the flasks I ordered from you recently. They made brilliant presents for my best men and I was very impressed with your efficient and friendly service." - Nick A