Testimonials of SWIG Hip Flasks

When someone buys a SWIG I like to ask why they bought one. Also what happened when it arrived (or when they gave it to a recipient if a gift). This is a collection of all of this...



"I love my SWIG, I tend to carry it in my handbag for all my SWIG emergencies to the point my boyfriend was jealous. Guess what he is getting for his birthday…!"


"I just got back from Scotland last night.  The hip flask (and added extras) were fantastic and exactly what we were looking for and my friend was really pleased."


"As it's a 30th I wanted a present that was both "cool" (not a traditional pewter one like many of the other ones on the internet) and one which was more unique (not from a department store) which would act as a keepsake for years to come."


"The gift went down a storm and was used the next day at a Glasgow rugby match!"


"My SWIG flask arrived today, and I am very pleased with it too!
I have bought it for my husbands 50th birthday as his has now seen better days..."
"My order was easy to complete and delivery was in good time. I think the product looks really lovely and I would love another one in another colour. They are great gifts."

"Love the concept - took a Swig out for an airing last week and thoroughly enjoyed the evening - everyone there was impressed with the flask and wanted to know where I got it, so, I told them! I like your marketing and the whole concept of bringing the hip flask back to life - can see this working on other things too - wish you all the very best"


"I've recommended SWIG to a few friends who also really liked the product and I'm debating whether to get one for my brother too."


"I was looking for a Unique Christmas present with a quality feel. Something a bit different to go with my homemade blackberry whiskey ( great for colds!), cardamon and ginger Vodka and my Xmas Sloe Gin... Bit of an impulse buy!