Travel Flask designed by David of SWIG

Our hip flasks are perfect for taking with you when you set off on your next adventure, be that a weekend break overseas, or a round-the-world adventure. The solid, unibody stainless steel construction means they are durable and can take an absolute beating in order to protect the precious liquid within – the ultimate travel flask, if you will. So when your friend’s cheap, two-piece hip flask spills liquor all over them after they do down on their skis or snowboard (especially the snowboard), rest snug in the knowledge that a SWIG will never do that to you.

Check the Instagram images on our site to see where our SWIGs have been – they have even been used as emergency water supplies on hikes deep into the Grand Canyon, Arizona. So, if you’re looking for the ideal lifelong travel companion, grab yourself a SWIG for your next adventure. A SWIG is for life, not just for Christmas.