Tweed Flasks created by David of SWIG

If you love tweed and want a flask wrapped in this gorgeous Scottish weave, then you’re in the right place. SWIG Flasks are the only brand of hip flasks to design detachable pouches for our flasks, this means we can change the style of our signature flask as easily as changing a phone cover. We have ranges of pouch collections available, (you can see the full smorgasbord right here) and guess which is the most popular? The tweed flasks!
We only use authentic Harris Tweed from the Hebrides to make our pouches and they all bear the label of the tweed, so you can be assured it’s the real stuff, and that it’ll last. The flask underneath is just as sturdy, we have a unique unibody design which means there are no flaws or weaknesses in the metal, no cracking or leaking here. And, as the tweed is detachable, our tweed flasks are the only ones you can engrave. Any messages you want, we will put them on the metal of the flask, making it truly unique to its owner.