Tweed Hip Flask Range - SWIG Flasks

In 2015, SWIG introduced its ‘Harris Tweed Hip Flask’ range. I’m so glad we did, because its turned into our most popular range of SWIG Hip Flasks!

At the time of writing, we have a variety of 3 Harris Tweed coloured hip flasks of Red, Black and Brown. These are made with genuine Harris Tweed from the Isle of Harris in Scotland (brandishing the label as you would expect!) and is put together by hand on the Isle of Skye, also in Scotland!

They look amazing- and the designs are also swappable as they are pouches- so you can update the design of the tweed as the flask goes through generations of usage.

I’m really proud of our Harris Tweed Hip Flask range, so please go and have a look. They are really popular with our female clients and also extremely popular for weddings where clients will typically offer them out to their wedding party! (on part because this is our best value range).