Unique Flask created by David of SWIG

In 2013 I went on a quest to design and produce the most unique flask on the market. I found that there was a lot of rubbish out there that pretended to be good quality unique hip flasks. I ordered a lot of them just to find out that from product to customer service it was all substandard.

The challenge was on. I love solving problems and this one sounded like an exiting one to solve. I started with making sure that the flask is functionally sound. No leaking, bending or staining was allowed. I went for stainless steel that has a mirror finish so it makes the flask very shiny. I also made sure that the design does not take a second place to functionality. The lid is heavy so it feels good when unscrewed. The corners are rounded so the flask does not stick out in the pocket. I have also designed many skins that slip onto my flask so you can change the look of your flask depending on your mood or the occasion. Naturally I can engrave each flask with whatever you want. Get in touch if you have any questions.