Unique Flasks - created by SWIG

A lot of people ask me why my flask is so unique. The answer is simple, I love what I do and that love is translated to my products. I spent over 9 months searching for materials to make this unique flask. My flasks do not leak and they have rounded corners so the don’t stick out from your jeans pocket. Each flask can be customised by an engraving or by a custom skin made out of leather or Harris Tweed. The skins are exchangeable so you can dress up your SWIG depending on how you feeling or who you hanging out with.

I give life guarantee on my unique flasks, as I know they will last for generations. Not much more to say here apart from one final thing. Each person that buys one of my flasks can register for SWIG SOCIETY, which is a group of hip flask and spirit enthusiasts. We have regular meet ups and give out free alcohol as well as tickets to very cool events such as distillery trips and food and drink festivals. Give me a shout if you need anything. I take anything from a phone call, email, Facebook, Twitter to online chat in the right hand corner below.