Unique Hip Flasks created by SWIG

When I started SWIG Flasks I gave myself a tough task: to create a universal gift for everybody, but which could have the flexibility to be as unique as the individual who carries it. I found the solution by keeping the body of my flask as classic as possible. The curved edges and screw top wouldn’t look out of place in a Shoreditch gin house, or a Jane Austen drama. Then, I assigned a SWIG number to every flask sequentially, acting as its own unique identifier, so that every SWIG owner would know they carried a one-off.
I also added the flexibility with the detachable pouches I created for SWIG. These covers have limitless possibilities as to what their look, material or feel could be. Right now I’ve gone for brightly coloured leathers and Harris Tweed, so there’s something for everyone.
Finally, what makes SWIG a truly unique hip flask is the engraving capability. Words are the most personal tools we have, different phrases have different meanings to us, be they in-jokes or dates or memories. Inscribing these onto the flask is what makes the SWIG a touching gift, and elevates it beyond a simple drinking vessel.