Take a SWIG Hip Flask with you around Scotland

Planning a trip to Scotland?

You can't miss the whisky tastings! Even better, why not take the whisky with you to hikes around Holyrood Park, sightseeing in Edinburgh or discovering the history-filled streets of Glasgow?

Besides being a beautifully crafted piece of design, always in-fashion, our hip flasks are great ambassadors of the true Scottish experience. So before you head North on your adventure, do take a look at our SWIG Harris Tweed Range, the perfect accessory to have by your side when creating new memories.


What makes our hip flasks so special?

Our hip flasks are made from mirrored and polished stainless steel - certified lead free - ensuring that the quality of your premium whisky is not affected by the flask. 

What's more, our flasks are a cut above the rest - you really get what you pay for: a marriage of quality materials, timeless aesthetic and superb customer service.
"Hip flask looks stunning - well packaged and presented and the engraving was attractive and professional, thanks!" - Dave K