What is a flask?

Executive SWIG Hip flasks
What is a flask, you ask? Well, when most people are asked “what is a flask?” they usually respond by telling the enquirer something along the lines of that a flask is a little container used to hold alcohol, specifically spirits. But here at SWIG, when someone asks us “what is a flask,” we feel it is so much more than just somewhere to put your alcohol. At SWIG, our flasks bring with them a way of life. When you join the SWIG society, you are adopting this way of life and jumping full force into committing to a life full of adventure. Our flasks represent confidence and character, not simply somewhere to put your booze. So what is a flask? It’s a statement; a message to the world that the owner believes in the finer things in life but isn’t afraid to let loose and experience the world.
Adventure hip flasks
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