Whisky and hot chocolate

Whisky and Hot Chocolate

There is nothing quite as comforting as reaching for a packet of hot chocolate straight out of the box, opening it, and adding hot milk or water while you stir it in your favourite mug. 

Sorry, I just lied. There is something better. Hot chocolate with whisky. Yes, it is a thing. Even if it is not a thing then it should be. 

It tastes amazing. So nice. Anyway all you need to do is to add some of your favourite whisky to your hot chocolate. When you are at home that is no brainer. You make the hot chocolate, then you grab a bottle of liquid gold and pour some in. Easy. 

The problem may arise if you are out and about. I mean by all means feel free to carry a bottle with you at all times. Tip - people might think you a bit weird. So the easier way to do it is to keep some whisky in a hip flask

....yes we do sell hip flasks....but any hip flask will do (it won't look as good as ours but it will do the job) - so next time you are in the field walking and you find a country pup that sells some hot chocolate you can sneak your hip flask and add some whisky in. Don't be too obvious about it. Equally if you are in the city and just grabbing a quick hot chocolate at Costa or Starbucks no one will judge if you drop a few drops in. 

Here is one of the hip flasks that we do, it does the job and it looks good. We call it Scottish Heritage flask. It's hand made in Scotland by a guy called Garry. We love Garry, he is amazing. He only makes 25 leather hip flasks a month, so they are pretty special. The leather is of the highest quality. If you want one, you can get one here. Anyway, enjoy your drink responsibly.  

Leather hip flask by SWIG flasks