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  • By David Galbraith
Join us for a SWIG® Newsletter, Edition 2
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  • How SWIG® Became a Business.

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David of SWIG® (
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David Galbraith from SWIG Hip Flasks
SWIG® Edition #2
It's been an epic 2 weeks since Edition #1
First... Let me say hello to the  SWIG® Society (now 32% of all SWIG® owners)!
I was so chuffed you've taken to the Pouches. Thanks so much.

Anyway, time now for edition 2... enjoy my account of the past 14 days.
-David of SWIG®
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A SWIG Hip Flask with Genuine Tan Leather Pouch in the Sahara
"The Whiskey got us through... #SaharaSWIG"
-Lucy and friends, Sahara Desert.
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1) Charles Tyrwhitt #SWIG

For the past month, I've been playing with investment options to bring SWIG worldwide.

I considering myself fortunate then, to get an early morning meeting with Nick Wheeler.
Nick Wheeler of Charles Tyrwhitt investing in SWIG Hip Flasks
(He & his SO own Charles Tyrwhitt and the White Company respectively. What a team!).

Good news.. he's decided to invest.
...The only condition is that
 I have to sell 200 flasks online in March 
*without spending a penny!*
SWIG Target: 68 / 200 
I'm a little behind, but thought i'd keep you all up to date on progress. 
(Just 18 days to go!).
Want to help?
Really? Thanks! 

1) Forward on this newsletter and recommend SWIG. 
2) Mission Complete.

I don't think Mr Wheeler expects us to succeed... 
and I really want to prove him wrong!
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Pinterest Logo

2) Pinterested in SWIG?

On suggestion from Society member John (#00565), I made a SWIG® Pinterest.

These are my favourites. What do you think? (Pin 'em!)
SWIG Hip Flask Pinterest Page
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3) The Story of SWIG®

Why did I sell all of my stuff and move to London to start a hip flask brand? 
David Galbraith of SWIG Hip Flasks
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4) SWIG n' Steak Charity Auction

In an effort to raise money for mens cancer prevention, my friend and I combined the notoriety of our projects (SWIG® and 'Steak & BJ Day') to setup a Bespoke SWIG® charity auction.

The result was raising £150 through a hand drawn pouch design by our favourite duo of Vincenzo and Stefano from Italian animation studio 'Nucco Brain')
 The Charity Auction SWIG Hip Flask with Bespoke Genuine Leather Steak & BJ Day Pouch
Thanks so much to everyone who bid. Congrats to the winner! 
Steak and BJ Day SWIG Hip Flask Charity Auction
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5) Member Refill Advice

Thanks to Kenneth W. of the SWIG Society who provided this weeks refill advice.
"What would you put in your SWIG®?
"A Whisky!... Now, I guess there is so many, but I'd say Bruichladdich! 
I have a soft spot for them. Their Bruichladdich Cuvee 382 La Berenice (a 21 year old) is not something that you will see in the whisky shops that often.
I think your flasks would be a very fine match for their whiskies.
Best wishes, Kenny"

Editors Note: "Have a look at their store here. I agree, their product is amazing. Anyone like to see a Bruichladdich SWIG pouch in the future?" - David
Bruichladdich Cuvee 382 SWIG Hip Flask
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6) Weekly Competition!

Competition for SWIG owners. Every SWIG flask is engraved with a unique number. Then every week, one is randomly selected to win.
The prize:
Bottle of 10 Year Bruichladdich & 
2x SWIG® Pouches.
This weeks winner:
SWIG #00306
Did you win?: 
Mail me at

*Note: Did you gift someone a SWIG? Check if they have #00306.
*Note: Numbers #00450-#00549 represent the limited flask series  #10001-#10099Thank you Nancy D. for highlighting this!
SWIG Hip Flask with Leather Pouch Society
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7) Honorary Swigger ('s).

Nick and his brother (Society Members #00666 and #00667e-mailed me to show off their brand new SWIG® flask and accompanying cycling adventure.

What's inside the Rusted Brown pouch? Well, unsure... but I'm sure it's keeping the trip a soft one!

Click here to accept your invite to the SWIG® Society.
SWIG Hip Flask Member Photo
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Edition 2 (Complete)

"Have a SWIG® everyone... thanks again!"
David of SWIG® (#00002)

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