Pitching to House of Fraser & what happened when the investor called!

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  • Charles Tyrwhitt... Mission complete!

  • SWIG® House of Fraser Pitch.

  • Union Jack SWIG®.

  • Manchester United SWIG® Flask Gift Set?

Also the usual...

  • What would you put in your SWIG Flask?

  • Weekly SWIG Hip Flask Competition Draw

  • Honorary Swigger('s)

David of SWIG® (

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David Galbraith of SWIG Hip Flasks with a SWIG Hip Flask in his hand.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who picked up a hip flask last month.
Nick Wheeler didn't know what he had coming.
Investment Target: Smashed!
-David of SWIG®
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Charles Tyrwhitt: Mission Complete

Last edition, Nick Wheeler of CT set SWIG® Hip Flasks a target of selling 200 Hip Flasks on the webstore in March.

I'm very proud to say that you helped us smash the target.

SWIG Target: 219 / 200 (Complete)

You guys helped with the win, so have a look at the March report! 
3,500 of you came and checked out the website..

SWIG Hip Flask website ( visitors


and lots of you seemed to have checked out the checkout!

SWIG Hip Flask website ( sales


So a Massive thank you to everyone who came through the site.

So now? I start into the paperwork (involving getting all my finances together) and signing on the dotted line. I guess he was impressed! (Or maybe he's just after a SWIG® Flask?)

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Pitching SWIG® to retail!

So you're wondering what I actually do all day beside Swigging?

Well a good example was my trip to House of Fraser in London, to pitch for theGreat Retail Revival competition.

Here's my pitch video that got me down to the last 10 (from 200!).

Yes.. that is my bedroom. Click it to watch.

David Galbraith of SWIG Hip Flasks ( pitching to House of Fraser

It got me into the pitch (here's me preparing...)


David Galbraith of SWIG Hip Flasks ( pitching to House of Fraser

Also, here's a video from the day (your turn to judge the judges... who are judging the flasks at 2:25!)

David Galbraith of SWIG Hip Flasks ( pitching to House of Fraser


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Union Jack #SWIG

Received this image from the workshop this morning... These will be part of the genuine veg tan leather Executive range. I honestly can not wait for them to be ready.

Union Jack SWIG Hip Flask Pouch from the executive range at


Also had a few more shots from the workshop of the new contrast executives..

These ones aren't complete yet! Although they are arriving April 14th (Of which we have many customers looking forward to arrivals).

SWIG Hip Flask Pouch from the executive range at


SWIG Hip Flask Pouch from the executive range at


SWIG Hip Flask Pouch from the executive range at


SWIG Hip Flask Pouch from the executive range at


SWIG Hip Flask Pouch from the executive range at

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Manchester United #SWIG

I'm a massive MUFC fan... and for the first time, I brought one of my flasks (#00015) to theManchester United vs Manchester City Derby at Old Trafford!

SWIG Hip Flask at Manchester United Old Trafford


I got to thinking of how I can support my club with my business..
so let me introduce...
the MUFC SWIG® Gift Set! 

(What do you think?
Drop me a line on if you'd like to get your hands on one.)

Manchester United SWIG Hip Flask Gift Set (available at

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"April's packaging colouring ...

-at SWIG HQ.
SWIG Hip Flask Gift Packaging

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"What would you put in your SWIG®?

Thanks to Tony Katz of the SWIG Society who provided this weeks refill advice.
"Mezcal, Tequila. You won't regret it.
-Tony Katz
Editor: "So I took his advice... mmmm"
Mezcal San Cosme for your SWIG Hip Flask
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Weekly Competition!

Competition for SWIG owners. Every SWIG flask is engraved with a unique number. Then every week, one is randomly selected to win.


The prize:
Bottle of San Cosme Mezcal & 
2x SWIG® Summer Pouches.


This weeks winner:
SWIG #00195


Did you win?: 
Mail me at

*Note: Did you gift someone a SWIG? Check if they have #00195.
*Note: Numbers #00450-#00549 represent the limited flask series  #10001-#10099Thank you Nancy D. for highlighting this!
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Honorary Swigger ('s).

Andy C. (Society Member #10048was one of the last to take advantage of the Bespoke SWIG Hip Flask offering that has been recently placed on hiatus. He tweeted this a couple of days ago.

It makes me jealous every time I see it... I think it's one of the most beautiful limited edition pouches we've made.

Click here to accept your invite to the SWIG® Society.
Amazing Bespoke SWIG Hip Flask with whisky
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Edition 3 (Complete)

"Have a SWIG® everyone... thanks again!"
David of SWIG® (#00002)

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Bearded Colonel Razor Blades


Just a final note... something (nearly) free.

I sit beside these guys in my studio workspace at the Tileyard (N79AH).

They ship german-engineered razor blades direct to your door. Thought I'd throw this offer open to my newsletter..

They've offered me and my friends a free set of blades for a month... Just use the code 'swigshave'  at

(Ofcourse, I've made sure it's sent to your door for free)
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**Just a quick one....**

If you have anybody you think would like a SWIG® or know of any occasions etc coming up. Please don't hesitate to refer my brand! I'm a small business so word of mouth is very important to keeping things going! Also if you have any ideas about the brand or how things are going, drop me an email at


SWIG Hip Flasks

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