Intern, Daniel of SWIG Q&A ("I only like my toast just..."

  • By David Galbraith

Intern Daniel:

Everyone say hello to Daniel Johnson. He's interning with SWIG for the next couple of months while we consider a full time position.I thought it might be fun to do a quick Q&A for those interested in whats going on behind the curtains. If you run a blog or keep an eye on youtube scene, you're very likely to run into him at some point soon!

D "We know why we wanted you (because you've got energy!). But what made you want to approach us?"

Obviously I met you through New Entrepreneurs Foundation. As a wannabe entrepreneur myself, I was inspired with the fact that you had just gone out and created 'something' from nothing.  A lot of people just talk about running their own business but this was all action!

Additionally, I've got a great relationship with Dawid of SWIG. He's dead-set to take SWIG to becoming an international presence. I'm really excited to get to work with him.

Both you and Dawid both have very clear strengths and weaknesses, and I love the way your skills surprisingly compliment each other. A pretty good team!

D "Why are you coming down the startup route? You could be doing alright in a grad scheme, right?"

It has only been recently that I discovered that my passion was in startups. I think that working with startups isn’t so much a job, but more of a lifestyle, it does take over your life a little bit. I wanted to work in a company where I felt valued, somewhere I could learn and somewhere where I felt my ideas and input would be valued.

Whilst I have only been here a week, I’m really loving it so far!

D "You may just be an intern, but I need you adding some value!..."

Well, as long as I can focus and prioritise my bank of ideas, i'll be great. My aim for being at SWIG is twofold; to come up with new ideas that will help our customers become even more excited about the brand. And to come up with new ideas that help to grow our customer base all around the world.

SWIG is such an exciting company which is venturing into new places and I want to try to help the company along the journey.

D "You can choose anywhere to have a swig... where and when?"

Anywhere? On a beach in St Lucia with a beautiful girl!

D "Alright, tell me something interesting then (before you go home for the day)"

I used to be fluent in Mandarin and I like my toast only very slightly toasted. Kind of rare, like my steak! Also I was born in South Africa and was able to speak Afrikaans until I moved to China. Basically the same language as Dutch Jonne of SWIG® speaks!

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