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SWIG Hip Flask Lid Replacement

*Did you gift someone else a SWIG hip flask? Forward this to them*

I was contacted by a swigger last week. They lost their lid on the ski slopes. Damn.
As a result, I've decided to issue free lost lid replacements as a bonus to all swig hip flask owners for nominal delivery cost. 
Just make sure your flask is registered with SWIG Society and e-mail me directly ( Cheers!

SWIG Moments

We've uploaded loads of new swig hip flask moments to the January album at SWIG Facebook. Lots of slope-swigging and Christmas morning glee.

Top: #02592, #00258, #02518, #02723/4.
Bottom: #02733, #02389, #02761, #00008.

Camera Roll SWIG Flasks

The SWIG moment below was tweeted to @swigflasks directly from the slopes (thanks #01095!).

It was my January favourite, so give me a shout #01095 and I'll
 upgrade you to an Executive Pouch to add to your Brown Harris Tweed.

#01095: "Bon! Just needed some vintage skis to match."

SWIG Flasks Harris Tweed Closeup

Keep warm!
David of SWIG® #00000 (SWIG® Society Curator)
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