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SWIG Executive Moulded Blue Flask

Father’s Day is this weekend and if you are worried about what to get him, then I have the perfect idea for either this occasion or another and that is a SWIG hip flask. I have to admit to being no expert on them and to be honest I wouldn’t know the good from the bad, so I got the man in the know on board to help me with this one – my Dad.

Not that my Dad is a collector of hip flasks, but construction and durability are something he can really help with.

SWIG Executive Moulded Blue Flask

The flasks are sent in a presentation box which is carefully tied up with a ribbon and lined with a soft interior and each one is sent with a card that details your SWIG society number (this number is also printed on the back of your flask).

SWIG Executive Moulded Blue Flask

There are a number of different flasks in the SWIG range, they start with the “naked” SWIG – a flask that doesn’t have a cover and then there is a whole host of different coverings you can choose from, to accompany your flask.

In particular I went for the SWIG Executive Moulded Blue Flask, this beauty features a leather pouch that has been cut to perfection to fit the flask and is available in a number of different colour choices.

The flask itself has been made from stainless steel and can hold up to 170ml (6oz) of your favourite tipple, when used naked the flask has a flat bottom so can be safely stood up. All of SWIGs hip flasks are made with a slightly curved design, from a single piece of steel, and it fits comfortably into your hand.

SWIG Executive Moulded Blue Flask

My Dad was really impressed with the quality and design of the flask, he could tell without me telling him the selling price, that it would have cost quite a bit to buy. But he also said that it would have been undoubtedly worth paying extra for something of this calibre, so it is well worth the selling price for those who love and use hip flasks.

To complement the hip flask range SWIG also sell a number of accessories including funnels, extra screw caps, the chance to buy covers separately and engraving.

The SWIG Executive Moulded Blue Flask costs £89 and can be brought from the SWIG website.


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